Corporate Gifts Singapore

Corporate Gifts are actually meaningful, if you will. A corporate gift warms the heart of the receiver, and does so in the most subtle and pleasant manner. Graciously, it helps to soften the dead set ambience of the hard-boiled business world which many of us are so familiar with. On the other hand, it has been well proven as a powerful marketing tool which has often been used by companies and businesses worldwide in their marketing campaigns. A cleverly customised advertising gift will convey a message that is crisp and clear, literally - in the true sense of the word! Whether given as tokens of appreciation or as premiums for marketing campaigns, Corporate Gifts have, by far, served well for companies here in Singapore.

Ever so often, these customised gifts are also referred to as Door Gifts, Business Gifts, Company Annual Dinner Gifts, Personalised Gifts, Unique Gifts, Premium Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Commemorative Gifts, Exclusive Gifts, Customised Gifts, Cheap Gifts, Promotional Gifts, Advertising Gifts and Corporate Souvenirs.. phew! Well, one way or the other, the corporate gift ideas suggested here are all similar in principle - they simply refer to the same type of premium gifts that are uniquely customized by businesses for their marketing campaigns. In order to get the perfect corporate gift for any given purpose, we must be mindful and thorough during the selection process. This will ensure that the chosen corporate gift fits the bill and will be deemed appropriate for the intended marketing campaign.


As we know it, the criteria for giving away these logo-imprinted gifts by any organisation can be casually halved in two main categories:

  1. As a Goodwill Gesture, Token of Appreciation, Reward and Recognition - these are usually given to company staff & business associates. Mostly, the corporate gifts are presented during company annual dinner & dance events, or other commemorative and festivity events. In this case, budget permitting, unique and exclusive gifts of higher values are often sought after. Nonetheless though, it is still the warmth that garnishes this gesture of goodwill that really matters, especially so when the gift has been thoughtfully selected through much effort.
  2. For Marketing and Advertising Campaigns - these are the corporate gifts that most of us have received at least once before. Due to the greater quantities required, these are typically low-cost door gifts (cheap door gifts just doesn't sound right to us) that are given away at publicity events like road shows, trade fairs and exhibitions. Even though these are considered cheap corporate gifts by some, we would always work with a prudent and yet meticulous approach in order to make certain that the quality is never a hint, cheap. However due to certain requirements, some corporate companies may decide to create a bigger impact with these awareness campaigns by selecting corporate gifts commanding higher values.

For a long time now, even governmental, religious and non-profit organisations are often involved in this remarkable art of goodwill-inspired giving.


Whenever possible, it is always advisable to plan well in advance. A couple of months ahead or more would be nice, if given the luxury - especially so, for customised orders that come with more complex custom-made details. The extra elbow room will ensure a smooth sailing throughout the procurement process, and thus eliminating the chance of having to rush through an urgent job and experiencing the anxiety and distress that almost always come with it.


Gosh! What if you have just decided to purchase corporate gifts for a special event and realised that the deadline is already near? No matter. All you need to do is to help us narrow down the search best as you can, and then leave the rest to us. We'll get your logo printed on the selected corporate gifts and deliver them right to your doorstep within a week!


This is not difficult to achieve, but we'll need a tiny little bit of effort from you. Simply provide us with a list of corporate gifts which have been purchased in past campaigns that are not required to be repeated for the upcoming event. This can really tell us plenty! During the search, corporate gifts that have been listed and gifts of similar genres can therefore be disregarded. You'll be surprised, but this will really enable us to work very efficientlly and at a much quicker pace too!


Here at Gatewin Marketing, you will find an abundance of spectacular corporate gift ideas from our immortal lists of unique and exclusive gift items to embark you on the brainstorm train. Since 1991, we have gained a good deal of beneficial experience and wisdom from supplying wholesale corporate gifts to all types of businesses and organisations in Singapore. Regardless, we are incessantly on the hunt for distinctive and innovative corporate gifts to keep abreast with the new-fangled corporate gift industry. Come and share your thoughts with us, and you can be sure to find a gem that rings the bells!

And that's not all. If you need something even more unique and exclusive, you may consider a full customisation of the corporate gift that you have in mind. Bags, apparels, drinkware, crystals, neoprene, canvas, leather products - these are but just some of the items that can be customised as corporate gifts. We can produce all types of Corporate Gifts according to your very own design & specification! However, to accept a fully customised order, we do require a larger order quantity and a not-so-urgent delivery schedule, both of which may vary according to the type and complexity of the customised corporate gift.

Reinforced with decades of experience in the Singapore corporate gifts market, we truly have what it takes to fully understand even the most minute details of our clients' needs. We have learned to become good listeners, and are simply devoted to our passion in the business of supplying great corporate gifts.

For new product launches, publicity campaigns or even new businesses, come talk to us and we'll share our llittle secret of what ticks in achieving almost instant success with your marketing plans!


It is to remain simple, straightforward, and sincere. With our exceptional service skills & experience, we aim to collaborate with you as a team that enhances your organisation's success! Not only we'll help to stretch your marketing dollar, we'll also create lasting impressions that will take your marketing plans to greater heights! ; Constantly, we strive to remain competitive by offering wholesale factory-direct pricing, while also keeping in mind the important promise of supplying good quality products. Come on, talk to us! We're bound to have something that you're looking for, and at the right price too! We'd be most glad to help.

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