7 Smart Corporate Gifts Ideas for Your Next Business Gift

The exchange of corporate gifts ideas in Singapore is still a common business practice and very much alive today, despite the increasing digitisation of our conventional business communication.

As a brand recall tool, corporate gifts are highly effective. According to a survey from the Advertising Specialty Institute, almost 1 in 3 business gift recipients showed interest in doing business with the brand after receiving the gift.

It is no wonder that many companies dole out a significant portion of their marketing budgets on corporate gifting, especially during peak seasons for events, exhibitions and tradeshows.

With a plethora of gift options out there in the market, what items are most suited for your purpose?

Here are 7 smart gift ideas that you can consider. 

Smart, trending corporate gifts ideas

1. Reusable Drinking Straw

Everybody is about being environmentally friendly these days. 

And there is no better way to express your brand’s support for the green cause than with a reusable drinking straw for a premium gift idea. 

It is a portable, reusable stainless steel straw that comes along a pull-through brush to keep it clean. Both the drinking straw and the cleaning brush can be stored in the aluminum tube. 

Show your clients that you care about them and Planet Earth at the same time. 

2. Cotton Tote Bag

Still on the subject of being environmentally friendly. 

With the use of plastic bags being discouraged across large facets of our daily consumer life, your customers will definitely be in need of a carrier to keep their things and shopping items while fighting the good cause. 

Your cotton tote bag is just the right corporate gift to save the day. 

3. Insulating mug with lid

Changes are, your customers love coffee. Hot, freshly brewed ones. 

Your premium gift of an insulating mug would really come in handy to keep that lovely beverage warm. 

When your customers pick it up to take a sip of that perk-me-up, they are literally holding your brand in their hands. 

4. Travel Gadget

If your customer audience is up in the air frequently, this premium gift is just the right fit. 

A handy tool that can make the difference of literally powering up your customers’ day when out of town, or leaving them stranded without power to their equipment and disconnected from work. 

5. Foldable Stand for Mobile Devices

Everyone is a road warrior one way or another these days, with smartphones and tablets being the daily communication tools of choice. 

A premium corporate gifts ideas that is in step with our times, a foldable stand is a truly useful tool for maximising the viewing pleasure on your customers’ mobile devices. 

6. Sticky Notepad

Sometimes, the best premium corporate gifts ideas is the simplest one. 

When all else fails, your customer can still rely on the trusty pad to take down important notes, hopefully a reminder to sign a major deal with you!

7. Bluetooth Speaker

A little bit of music is always helpful to calm the senses and get the mind and body relaxed, especially after a hard day at work. 

Let your customers enter a state of serenity with the soothing sounds from your bluetooth speaker. When they are refreshed and recharged, they will associate that positive energy and zest with your corporate gift and your brand. 


Corporate Gifts Ideas – It is evident that physical tokens of appreciation in the form of corporate gifts still play a significant role in a business’ overall marketing strategy. 

You just need to have the right gift ideas and of course a trusted and reliable Singapore gift supplier to deliver your needs. 

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Corporate Gifts Ideas

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