5 Practical Corporate Gifts Ideas for Employees

Corporate gift ideas , Many companies give away corporate gifts during the holiday season or anniversary party. It’s their way of showing appreciation to their employees and recognising their effort in helping the business reach its goal. But one of the challenging parts of corporate gift giving is deciding what item to use as a corporate gift. Sure there are plenty of things you can pick to give out, however, the question remains. Will your employees appreciate the gift?

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Distributing practical gifts has become a trend these days. Your employees will surely love using your corporate gift in the office or wherever it is useful. And best of all, most of the practical gifts are budget-friendly, so you don’t have to spend a huge budget to reward your employees through simple corporate gifts.

If you are having a hard time deciding what to give, here are five gift ideas you may consider.

Corporate Gift Idea # 1:

Cup or Coffee Mug When you asked a corporate gifts company in Singapore about the most popular types of gifts, without a doubt, a cup or coffee mug is included in their list. Why not when it’s one of the most useful personal things that employees can use while at work? Employees who need to sip a cup of Joe every morning will surely be grateful for this gift. Yes, it’s easy to buy your own mug and take it to the office. However, drinking coffee or tea or any hot beverage using a cup given by the company brings a different feeling. It will remind the employees how much they are appreciate.

corporate gift ideas

Corporate Gift Ideas #2:

Engraved Key Chains Key chains have been among the most preferred corporate gifts nowadays. Aside from the fact that they are affordable, these items can be used on a daily basis. Obviously, your employees will put their keys on it. Key chains come in different designs, sizes and types so you have several options to decide on. Some key chains are made with leather while others are made from metal. You can customise it by adding your company name and logo. Your employees will always be reminded of your appreciation every time they pick up their keys.

Corporate Gift Ideas #3:

Backpacks A list of corporate gifts will not be complete without adding backpacks on it. Many companies use backpacks as their corporate gifts to thank their employees at the same time for promoting the business. Apparently, backpacks are very useful. Your employees can use it when going to the office or anywhere they want to. However, there’s another benefit of giving away this type of corporate gift – business advertising. When your employees use the backpack outdoor, people can see it. So if the backpack has your company name and contact information, it’s like you’re advertising your business to the public.

Gift Idea #4:

Travel Charging Kit For employees who are always on the go or love to travel, a charging kit will be greatly appreciated. This item is a thoughtful and practical gift idea that your employees can use wherever they go. If your team goes on a business trip overseas, the team don’t need to buy their own chargers as they already have this travel charging kit.

Gift Idea #5:

Desktop Storage Shelf Give your employees a corporate gift of organisation. A desktop storage shelf may seem a less interesting gift but it will be appreciated once it’s put to use. Your employees can organise their table with the help of this storage shelf as they can store their office supplies and other small objects on it. Find a corporate gift supplier in Singapore that can provide you with this kind of gift.

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