Corporate gifts have become more and more popular over the past few years, or even decades. You have probably received them before from a company as a “thank you” gift or as a token. Corporate gifts have taken advantage of probably one of the most powerful words in the English language – Free. Give someone something for free, and without a doubt, you will immediately get their attention. This is why many businesses make it a point to offer corporate gifts to their clients, employees and even to public at least once a year. It is an excellent way of building and strengthening relationships, and boosting the business.


But how exactly corporate gift helps businesses? Far too often, ordinary gifts end up being stashed in a drawer or tossed somewhere the recipient cannot remember. However, if the gift you offer is something useful, then you can rest assured it will constantly remind the recipient about your business.

Here are a few ways that a corporate gift benefits many businesses in Singapore.

Benefits of Corporate Gifts

Raise Brand Awareness

One of the most effective marketing strategies to “get your name out there” is to make it literally “out there” through a corporate gift with your business name and logo. When people see the item, it is a great opportunity to raise awareness about your company. Brand awareness is basically about creating associations. Offering gifts can help prospects associate your business with something positive, whether it is an attractive decoration or something practical. The gift creates a solid impression on the potential customer’s mind and makes your company easier to remember. Just make sure that the corporate gifts company in Singapore print your brand name and logo clearly.


Improve Business Image

A corporate gift can enhance a potential customer’s opinion regarding the business and the management. People who have received a gift from any company will likely have a positive perception of the brand. It will influence the people’s point-of-view about you and the company, which can help you win the trust of your prospects. Even outside the business world, a gift is considered to symbolise good will, and this will improve the overall attitude of potential customers.

Maintain Customer Loyalty

The fact is, when you give customers corporate gifts, they are more likely to do business with you again or to reorder faster and more often. Offering someone a company gift helps to encourage repeat business and will ensure that they will continue working with you. Customers who are very satisfied with your service or products and receive gifts from you will surely stay loyal to your offerings. Put it this way, giving someone a token is a great way to remind them that their patronage is highly appreciated and is very important to you.

Generate Referrals

Sometimes, you can get new clients through your own customers. Your customers are a great source of new leads that can turn into customers and then sales. Corporate gifts are a clever way of encouraging lead generation. In fact, some companies use a free gift as an incentive to referral requests.


Generate Leads

Corporate gifts can trigger curiosity about your business and products. If you give your customers unique gifts, those who see it will get curious about you and your brand. They will likely enquire what your company offer and why you give gifts. It definitely appears that unique items from corporate gift supplier are an effective technique to attract new leads.