How to get Cheap Corporate Gifts in singapore

The truth is, buying corporate gifts Singapore need not be an expensive affair. If one is flexible enough, there are plenty of low-cost options available.

Firstly, it all depends on what products you choose as your corporate gifts and the quantity that you are going to order. In addition, the number of logo colours printed on your customised corporate gifts will also account for considerable part of the costing. In this aspect, always choose a one-colour imprint if you are working on a tight budget. You might like to know that the cost of printing a plastic ball pen is actually less than half the cost of printing say, a bag or bottle. This is what makes the ball pen one of the cheapest corporate gifts S available. You can also save costs by not printing on the product packaging, provided if it is not a crucial part of your marketing plan. Well, come to think of it, we don’t usually keep these, do we?

a tight budget for corporate door gifts

It will be ideal to consider purchasing more in quantity whenever possible. Not only will you get a better trade discount on the product, you’ll enjoy massive savings on the logo printing costs too. You might find these leftover corporate gifts to be useful at a later time. Especially so when you need them urgently. However do note that you will need some extra storage space for the excess goods. Thus it will be a good idea to decide on something that is not overly bulky.

corporate gifts in Singapore is extremely competitive

Who knows, you might just get the most epic deal ever!

As we know it, the current market situation for corporate gifts in Singapore is extremely competitive. All corporate gift companies value their business clients, whether new or old. And most are more than willing to offer a sweeter deal in order to gain market share. For you to save even more money. A good tip here is to simply re-negotiate by telling the sales person about the price you are willing to pay for your corporate gifts. Who knows, you might just get the most epic deal ever!

these cheap corporate gifts in Singapore

So, what are the types of low-cost corporate gifts available in Singapore?

Well, a general list of these so-called cheap corporate gifts may include ball pens, highlighter pens, notepads, bookmarks, anti-stress balls, non woven bags, drawstring bags, plastic bottles, lanyards, wrist bands, microfiber face towels, plastic passport covers, luggage tags, pencil cases, document files, fans, Frisbees, pocket mirrors, mini glass bottles, mobile accessories and novelty gadgets.

cheap corporate gifts

But of course, there are still plenty of other items that can be had for even the tightest budget. If the stipulated minimum order quantity is met, many items are available at below SGD1.00. And the low price includes logo printing as well. This is mainly possible due to the ease of sourcing available and the direct importing from the manufacturers in China.

door gifts simple at an event

Last but not least, if you intend to just hand out some door gifts at an event and are not too choosy about the type of gifts. A good tip is to try asking corporate gift companies if they have any clearance stocks. Warehousing costs in Singapore are expensive. And some companies would simply like to clear some old or outdated stocks to make space for new products. If the need is desperate enough, some are even willing to sell their corporate gifts at below-cost prices. You might even get some interesting corporate door gift gadgets or high-end products at only a fraction of their costs!