Door Gifts

The biggest challenge with giving door gifts in Singapore is that…. there are several concerns you need to think of. How much should you allot for the gift? What items fit as door gift? How many gifts should you prepare? Will the recipient like the gift? Will the recipient find a use for it? These are just some of the many concerns associated with gifting.

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In choosing door gifts, keep in mind you need to shop for something to be given to every single person in the company, clients or suppliers not just to one person. So you need to find a gift that is both inexpensive and unique. The gift must be something that will remind the recipients of your brand, such as the following:

  1. Luggage Tag


A luggage tag is an affordable yet useful option for door gift. Working with a tight budget does not necessarily mean you can’t give your guests a delightful gift. Luggage tags come in a wide array of designs, styles, colours and sizes, so you will never run out of choices. In fact, you can even customise the luggage tags with your brand logo to indirectly promote your business.


  1. Letter Opener


Surprisingly, some people still can’t open envelopes cleanly. While this may not be a big issue for others, some people are too meticulous when it comes to opening letters. This is where a letter opener comes in handy. But even for the majority who have mastered the art of opening letters, this gift idea still makes a wonderful souvenir that you would want to display on your desk.

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  1. Bottle Stopper/Wine Opener


Some people think that giving homeware as gifts may look cheap. However, household items are delightful presents that can be shared among the recipient’s families. One of those lovely items you may consider is a sleek bottle stopper or wine opener. This gift will be very useful when there’s a gathering that involves drinking wine or other alcohol drinks. You can find bottle stopper in different styles, from a simple one to an exquisitely designed one.


  1. Beverage Coaster


Another useful door gift you can get at a low cost is beverage coaster. Its cheap price doesn’t make it less functional. In fact, it would be truly useful for employees who love taking drinks like coffee or soda on their desk. A coaster can help prevent countless droplets of condensation on the table or desk. Beverage coasters are available in different materials and styles. You can also add your brand logo on the coaster to add a personal touch.

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  1. Money Clip/Handbag Hook


If you want a door gift that the recipients can use wherever they are, the best option would be a handbag hook for the ladies’ satchels and a money clip for the gentlemen’s wallets. These functional gifts will surely make a great reminder of your business. Most importantly, having a gift for each gender is a thoughtful gesture that the guests will appreciate.


  1. Business Card Case


Business card case makes a perfect door gift, especially for clients and suppliers. Your guests will undoubtedly appreciate this kind of door gift since it’s very practical. The gift will eliminate the need to place the business cards inside the wallet and then reach out for it whenever handing out a card. Giving business card case as Singapore door gifts will save your guests lots of time.