How do I get a quotation for the corporate gifts on Gatewin's website?

Answer: Simply send us an inquiry using our contact form and indicate your required quantity and model number of shortlisted products. We will reply with a detailed quotation within 24 hours.

Are your prices negotiable if I buy more?

Answer: Yes, definitely! The more you buy, the higher the discount.

My budget for buying corporate gifts is too low. Can you guys help?

Answer: No budget is too low for Gatewin. Tell us your budget and gift preference and we will find the right solution for you.

Will there be any GST charges for my order?

Answer: Yes. Gatewin charges GST for all goods and services ordered. Our GST Registration Number is 201601799R.

What are the different modes of payment available?

Answer: We accept cash or cheque payment. Alternative payment modes include PAYNOW, PAYLAH and bank transfer.

What will be currency denomination quoted for the products on this website?

Answer: The currency denomination quoted for the products on this website will be in Singapore Dollars.