Are you thinking of giving away corporate gifts to your employees, clients or suppliers? The key to having successful corporate gifts in Singapore depends on your choice of supplier. No matter how good your concept for the gift is, it will be useless and your effort is doomed to failure if you gave out poor quality items. It is critical to find a gift supplier that can provide high-quality items.

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Choosing the right Singapore corporate gifts supplier is not an easy task, especially with so many suppliers you can find. Each of the suppliers will put their best foot forward in introducing their products to seal the deal. If you are not good in identifying reputable suppliers, you’ll be at risk of being fooled with their empty assurances. So to help you find the right one, here are some tips to take into account when picking a supplier.

Tip #1: Decide the type of gift.

Before you even start hunting for a supplier, be sure to determine first the type of corporate gift that you want to give to your clients, prospects or employees. It will make the job easier if you come up with a list of possible items that you plan to make as a gift. There are several items you can consider ranging from travel essentials to office accessories to practical items. Some good examples include mug, backpack, pen, cap, photo frame, umbrella, duffle bag, and others.

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Tip #2: Find a supplier that specialises in your preferred item.

Once you have decided what kind of corporate gift to give, your next step is to find a supplier that specialises in providing your prescribed gift genre. Do you want to give mugs? Then look for a supplier that offers different types of mugs. If you want to give away bags, then search for bag suppliers.  In case you can’t find such vendor, you may settle for a general merchandiser but make sure they have a good reputation on providing quality products. Schedule a visit and inspect the products to determine the quality.

Tip #3: Choose a supplier that offers assistance.

Aside from providing top quality products, it is also important to choose a supplier that goes out of its way to assist you. For instance, if you are torn between two options, they will help you decide by laying out the advantages for each option so that you can come up with the best gift. Pick a supplier that provides assistance from choosing the right item to the actual distribution or delivery of the gifts. A good corporate vendor will suggest alternatives and other possible items that match your preference if your idea is difficult to achieve or other factors may contribute to its failure.

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Tip #4: Pick a supplier that provides customization service

If you are planning to personalise the corporate gifts by adding your business name or logo, you need to find a supplier that can customise them. Some vendors can supply the gifts but don’t do customization service, which means you will need to find another vendor that can personalise your corporate gifts. It will require you to set another budget for the service. If you choose a supplier that can provide the items and can customise the products, you can save a considerable amount of money. In fact, you might be able to request a discount for your Singapore corporate gift if you order in big quantity.